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Christmas should be a happy time, especially for the children. Many families can barely put food on the table, let alone Christmas gifts under a tree. For these economically disadvantaged families Christmas is a most painful time. The Adopt-A-Family Program provides wrapped Christmas gifts -new items purchased from their very own wish list and a complete Christmas dinner to families who would not be able to celebrate Christmas at all otherwise.

Every child should grow up knowing the magic of Christmas morning and every family should know the joy of Christmas dinner together.
One of the most wonderful ways to experience the true meaning of Christmas is to 'adopt' a family of your own for Christmas. This means we would provide you with information to help you bless a family with food and presents. If you are interested in 'adopting' a family of your own, please complete the 'How To Adopt' form.

If you prefer not to shop, contributions are always welcome. You can donate online by clicking the button or mail check or money order to: 
 Tools 4 School Montana  
         PO Box 773 
    Corvallis, MT 59828

  Together, we can put the joy back in Christmas
  One needy family at a time...

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